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"Ask yourselves, all of you, what power would Hell have if those imprisoned here could not dream of Heaven?"

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Track: Girls! Girls! Girls!
Artist: Emilie Autumn
Album: Fight Like A Girl
Plays: 509
Track: Girls! Girls! Girls!
Artist: Emilie Autumn
Album: Fight Like A Girl
Plays: 509

Emilie Autumn | Girls! Girls! Girls

I’ve got a lot more words to say
But I just can’t make them rhyme
So ladies, let this be a lesson to you
Keep your hair uncut
Your corsets tight
Your morals high
Your knitting neat
Your yappers shut!

This is what comes of over-educating
Mentally over-stimulating
Too much serious conversating
Organised religion hating
Sinful over-copulating
Marriage without procreating
Girl on girl caught lesbiating
She was caught while masturbating!

Male mind manipulating
Chronically hallucinating
Certainly there’s no debating
Some we just find fascinating
Women’s right facilitating
Independent thought creating
She may just be complicating
Get your money out, we’re waiting!
To see those girls! Girls! Girls!

3:46pm · Thursday, July 26th, 2012 · 80 notes
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